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Sprung Monkey

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Sprung Monkey

Sprung Monkey band photo 2013

Sprung Monkey Biography

Pulling themselves from the San Diego, California USA, backwash, the Punk-Rock combo Sprung Monkey formed in the early '90s with vocalist + guitarist Steve Summers, guitarists Mike Summers and William 'Chuck' Riley, bassist Pat Kim and drummer Ernie Longoria. The name of the band is a slang term meaning: a male member that “springs” to life very quickly.

The quintet's debut album, "Situation Life", appeared on Black Cat Do Records in 1993.

1995's "Swirl" was the first CD released by Sprung Monkey after being signed on Surfdog Records.

Three years later the group resurfaced with a new line-up and album, "Mr. Funny Face" marked the addition of Tony De Locht, who replaced former bass player Pat Kim; the record reached #27 on The Billboard Top Heatseekers chart producing the alt-Rock anthem "Get 'Em Outta Here", it peaked at #13 on The Modern Rock chart and was followed by the Billboard's Mainstream Rock top 30 hit "Super Breakdown".

After touring on the Vans Warped tour and co-headlining with the likes of Blink-182, Sugar Ray and Sublime, in April 2001 the Southern Californian punk-rockers released "Get A Taste" through Surfdog/Redline Entertainment; the first single, "What's That You Say", recieved some airplay on alt-Rock radio but their small independent label folded leaving them dead in the water.

After a long break Sprung Monkey disturbed the silence in 2008 and in November 2013 finally they returned with their long awaited come-back album entitled "Dead Is Dead"; the set includes the single "Save Me".


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Sprung Monkey pictures:

  • Sprung Monkey band lineup 1992 Sprung Monkey band lineup 1992
    The band line-up 1992
  • Sprung Monkey band 2001 Sprung Monkey band 2001
    Sprung Monkey in 2001 - L>R: William Riley, Ernie Longoria, Steve Summers, Tony Delocht and Mike Summers