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Stars In Stereo

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Stars In Stereo

Stars In Stereo band photo 2012

Stars In Stereo Biography

The Alternative-Rock band Stars In Stereo was formed in mid-2011 in Los Angeles, California USA, by lead guitarist Jordan McGraw, rhythm guitarist Frogs McCormack, bassist Justin Siegel and drummer Drew Langan. Nearly a year later the group recruited Bec Hollcraft as lead singer.

In April 2013 Stars In Stereo released its self-titled debut album; it took them on the road as support act for Flyleaf, P.O.D. and Halestorm. During this time Siegel left the band and McCormack took over as bassist. The disc's lead single, "Every Last Thing", managed to get enough airplay to land in the top 40 of the Active Rock chart.


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Stars In Stereo (2013)

Stars In Stereo self-titled album
1. The Broken
2. Violence
3. All Together
4. Dealing Secrets
5. Lie Down
6. Red Eyed Romance
7. Open Your Eyes
8. At The Stroke Of Midnight
9. Every Last Thing
10. Queen Of Catastrophe
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