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State Of Shock

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State Of Shock band

State Of Shock photo 2008
LtoR: Alison Toews, Jesse Wainwright, Cameron Melnyk, Simon 'Kadooh' Clow & Johnny Philippon

State Of Shock Biography

State Of Shock, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA, core members have been together since 1999 and each member respectively, has been playing in bands since their early teens. The line-up experienced several changes before before the band had released any official recordings and in 2002 State Of Shock was indeed formed with singer Cameron Melnyk, guitarist Jesse Wainwright, bassist Alison Toews and drummer Johnny Philippon.

The band's debut album "Guilty By Association" arrived in 2004 and showed the State Of Shock's raw Alternative-Rock edge.
Simon 'Kadooh' Clow, joined a couple of years later as the second guitar player; the group then focused on recording their second LP and their Cordorva Bay Records debut, "Life, Love & Lies", which was released in July 2007. The runaway success of lead single, "Money Honey", propelled the quintet to new heights that included a list of impressive achievements: State Of Shock was nominated for a 2008 Juno Award for Best New Group while "Money Honey" smashed into the top 10 of the Canadian Rock airplay chart and enjoyed a 9-month chart run on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100.
Canadian sales of "Life, Love & Lies" have surpassed more than 25,000, which roughly works out to one for each person who saw State Of Shock open for Aerosmith at a concert in Sarnia, Ontario. Nickelback also took the group under its wings as the opening act for its summer tour.


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Guilty By Association (2004)

Guilty By Association
1. Sound Track Of Our Lives
2. Whatchya Gonna Do
3. Wish I Never Met You
4. If I Could
5. Song I Scream
6. This Is Why
7. Living Unaware
8. ShiT Talker
9. Breathe Again
1. So Many Times
11. So What
12. Rollin'

Life, Love & Lies (2007)

Life, Love & Lies
1. Life, Love & Lies
2. Hearts That Bleed
3. Too Pretty
4. Best I Ever Had
5. Day After Day
6. Money Honey
7. Honeymoon's Over
8. Different Day
9. Stupid
10. Pieces Of You

Rock n' Roll Romance (2011)

Rock n' Roll Romance
1. intro
2. The F Word
3. Have A Nice Day
4. Runaway
5. Innocent Girl
6. Wish I Woulda Wowed U
7. Mary Goes 'Round
8. Gone N' Done N' Did It
9. Last Call
10. Still Got Tomorrow
11. Call Me Crazy
12. Used To Be
13. Rock N' Roll Romance
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