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Stereomud Biography

The Alternative-Metal outfit Stereomud emerged at the turn of the new century around former Stuck Mojo bassist Corey Lowery, brother of Sevendust's Clint Lowery and two members of New York's Life Of Agony: guitarist Joey Z. and drummer Dan Richardson; the line-up eventually solidified around two Southern guys, vocalist Eric Rogers and guitarist John Fattoruso, scoring a deal with Loud Records, a subsidiary of Columbia.

The quintet began touring nationally first with Nonpoint, then with Crazy Town and Saliva, meanwhile they recorded their debut album "Perfect Self" in Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta and New York; the record hit #5 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart upon its release in May 2001; the lead single "Pain" peaked at #8 on The Mainstream Rock chart, "Steppin' Away" entered the top 30 in the same chart taking the album to #142 on The Billboard Top 200 list.
Stereomud returned two years later with the second effort, "Every Given Moment", it matched its predecessor's Billboard charts position and spawned the Active Rock top 30 hit single, "Breathing".


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Perfect Self (2001)

Perfect Self
1. intro
2. Leave (Back Up)
3. Don't Be Afraid
5. Old Man
6. Pain
7. Steppin Away
8. How We Stand
10. Down From Here
11. Sunlight
12. Lost Your Faith
13. Get Me Out
14. What
16. Closer Now
23. Perfect Self

Every Given Moment (2003)

Every Given Moment
1. Show Me
2. Anything But Jesus
3. Breathing
4. Define This
5. Control Freak
6. Drop Down
7. Coming Home
8. Fallen
9. Yesterday
10. My Addiction
11. Searching
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