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Steriogram photo 2006

Steriogram Biography

Steriogram formed in mid-1999, in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND by vocalist Tyson Kennedy, vocalist+guitarist Brad Carter, guitarist Tim Youngson and bassist Jake Adams; they started playing shows in their hometown as a Pop-Rock four-piece band and a year later recorded two self-financed singles: "Soccerstar" and "White Trash".
It was around this time that drummer Jared Wrennall joined Steriogram and Kennedy was moved up front to do more rapping, their music then evolved into a more Alternative-Rock, Punk and even Rap-Metal.

In the fall of 2002 the quintet inked a deal with Capitol Records and recorded their first full-length disc in Los Angeles; the album, entitled "Schmack!", was released in May 2004, it included the infectious "Walkie Talkie Man" which was selected to feature on the worldwide TV campaign for the Apple iPod, this single exploded onto the U.K. singles chart with a top 20 debut.

After two full years, in February 2007, Steriogram released their highly anticipated sophomore album, "This Is Not The Target Market"; the CD included the single "Just Like You".

The next album, a self-released set titled "Taping The Radio", followed in September 2010.


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Steriogram pictures:

  • Steriogram band 2004 Steriogram band 2004
    Group shot 2004

Schmack! (2004)

1. Road Trip
2. Walkie Talkie Man
3. Schmack!
4. Was The Day
5. White Trash
6. In The City
7. Go
8. Fat And Proud
9. Tsunami
10. Wind It Up
11. Be Good To Me
12. On And On

This Is Not The Target Market (2006)

This Is Not The Target Market
1. Get Up
2. Talk About It
3. Own Way Home
4. Sitting Above Me
5. Wasted
6. Satan Is A Lady
7. Just Like You
8. Muchacha
9. Built On Lies (Gangster)
10. Karekare

Taping The Radio (2010)

Taping The Radio
1. Shamoe
2. Skinny Runt Revolution
3. Taping The Radio
4. Ready For Action
5. Kevvo
6. No Ordinary Man
7. Moving On
8. White Trash
9. Whiskey
10. Texas Beauties
11. Two Day Hangover
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