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Steve Forbert

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Steve Forbert Discography

Alive On Arrival (1978)

Alive On Arrival
1. Goin' Down To Laurel
2. Steve Forbert's Midsummer Night's Toast
3. Thinkin'
4. What Kinda Guy?
5. It Isn't Gonna Be That Way
6. Big City Cat
7. Grand Central Station, March 18, 1977
8. Tonight I Feel So Far Away From Home
9. Settle Down
10. You Cannot Win (If You Do Not Play)

Jackrabbit Slim (1979)

Jackrabbit Slim
1. Romeo's Tune
2. The Sweet Love That You Give (Sure Goes A Long Way)
3. I'm In Love With You
4. Say Goodbye To Little Jo
5. Wait
6. Make It All So Real
7. Baby
8. Complications
9. Sadly Sorta Like A Soap Opera
10. January 23-30, 1978

Little Stevie Orbit (1980)

Little Stevie Orbit
1. Get Well Soon
2. Cellophane City
3. Song For Carmelita
4. Laughter Lou (Who Needs You?)
5. Song For Katrina
6. One More Glass Of Beer
7. Lucky
8. Rain
9. I'm An Automobile
10. Schoolgirl
11. If You've Gotta Ask You'll Never Know
12. Lonely Girl
13. A Visitor

Steve Forbert (1982)

Steve Forbert self-titled album
1. He's Gotta Live Up To His Shoes
2. Ya Ya (Next To Me)
3. When You Walk In The Room
4. Listen To Me
5. Oh So Close
6. You're Darn Right
7. Prisoner Of Stardom
8. On The Beach
9. Lost
10. It Takes A Whole Lotta Help (To Make It On Your Own)
11. Beautiful Diana

Streets Of This Town (1988)

Streets Of This Town
1. Running On Love
2. Don't Tell Me (I Know)
3. I Blinked Once
4. Mexico
5. As We Live And Breathe
6. On The Streets Of This Town
7. Hope, Faith And Love
8. Perfect Stranger
9. Wait A Little Longer
10. Search Your Heart

The American In Me (1992)

The American In Me
1. Born Too Late
2. If You're Waiting On Me
3. Responsibility
4. When The Sun Shines
5. The American In Me
6. Baby, Don't
7. Change In The Weather
8. You Cannot Win If You Do Not Play
9. Rock While I Can Rock
10. New Working Day

Mission Of The Crossroad Palms (1995)

Mission Of The Crossroad Palms
1. It Sure Was Better Back Then
2. It Is What It Is (And That's All)
3. Is It Any Wonder?
4. Lay Down Your Weary Tune Again
5. So Good To Feel Good Again
6. Oh, To Be Back With You
7. Real Live Love
8. The Trouble With Angels
9. How Can You Change The World?
10. Don't Talk To Me
11. The Last Rays Of Sunlight
12. Thirteen Blood Red Rosebuds

Rocking Horse Head (1996)

Rocking Horse Head
1. If I Want You Now
2. My Time Ain't Long
3. Shaky Ground
4. Dear Lord
5. Moon Man (I'm Waiting On You)
6. Don't Stop
7. Some Will Rake The Coals
8. I Know What I Know
9. Good Planets Are Hard To Find
10. Big New World
11. Open House
12. Dream, Dream

Evergreen Boy (2000)

Evergreen Boy
1. Something's Got A Hold On Me
2. She's Living In A Dream World
3. Strange
4. Evergreen Boy
5. Rose Marie
6. Now You Come Back
7. Your Own Hero
8. Late Winter Song
9. Breaking Through
10. It Doesn't Matter Much
11. Listen To The Mockingbird
12. Trusting Old Soul

Just Like There's Nothin' To It (2004)

Just Like There's Nothin' To It
1. What It Is Is A Dream
2. Wild As The Wind
3. The Change Song
4. The World Is Full Of People
5. Autumn This Year
6. I Just Work Here
7. There's Everybody Else (And Then There's You)
8. Oh, Yesterday
9. I Married A Girl
10. The Pretend Song
11. I'm In Love
12. About A Dream

Strange Names & New Sensations (2007)

Strange Names & New Sensations
1. Middle Age
2. Strange Names (North Jersey's Got 'em)
3. Simply Spalding Gray
4. Man, I Miss That Girl
5. You're Meant For Me
6. I Will Sing Your Praise
7. Something Special
8. My Seaside Brown-Eyed Girl
9. The Baghdad Dream
09 10. Thirty More Years
11. Around The Bend
12. Romeo's Tune

The Place And The Time (2009)

The Place And The Time
1. Blackbird Tune
2. Sing It Again, My Friend
3. Stolen Identity
4. Write Me A Raincheck
5. Who'll Watch The Sunset?
6. Simply Must Move On
7. The Beast Of Ballyhoo (Rock Show)
8. Building Me A Fire
9. Labor Day '08
10. The Coo Coo Bird
11. Hang On Again Till The Sun Shines (NYC)
12. Blue, Clear Sky

Over With You (2012)

Over With You
1. All I Asked Of You
2. All I Need To Do
3. In Love With You
4. That'd Be Alright
5. Baby, I Know
6. Over With You
7. Don't Look Down, Pollyanna
8. Can't We Get Together?
9. Metal Marie
10. Sugarcane Plum Fairy
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