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Stroke 9

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Stroke 9 band 2005

Stroke 9 photo 2005
left to right: Jens Funke, Luke Esterkyn, John McDermott and Eric Stock

Stroke 9 Biography

At the end of the spring of 1990 vocalist+guitarist Luke Esterkyn, bassist Tom Haddad, keyboardist Kirsten Stromberg and drummer Greg Gueldner formed this Alternative-Rock band in Marin County, California USA; the foursome began gigging around Bay-Area and recorded a promo-tape.

During the next year guitarist John McDermott and bass player Stephen Heath joined the band while Stromberg and Haddad quit; the new line-up then released a 12-song CD on their own.
Another two years passed before the band released one more independent album, "Boy Meets Girl".
In 1995 Heath left Stroke 9, Jeremy Fisch took the place behind the drum kit and Gueldner moved from drums to bass, during this time the group released another self-financed CD entitled "Bumper To Bumper".
The summer of 1997 saw increased touring by the quartet, with frequent trips to Los Aangeles, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and the entire California coast; around the same time, drummer Eric Stock replaced Fisch and the track "Washin' + Wonderin'" hit the Collage Radio circuit.
The following spring, Stroke 9 appeared in the Ron Howard's movie, "Ed TV"; shortly afterwards they were signed to Universal Records who issued their major label debut album, "Nasty Little Thoughts", in July 1999; the record collected six re-recorded old songs and six new tracks, it reached the #83 position on The Billboard Top 200 chart helped by the single "Little Black Backpack" which peaked at #6 on The Modern Rock chart; it was followed by the second single cut, "Letters", which entered the top 30 on the same chart.
In October 2001 the band released their self-titled album which included the Modern Rock top 40 hit "Kick Some Ass".
The next year they released another LP, "Rip It Off" which featured the single "100 Girls" plus many songs also available on the eponymous effort.
In 2004, as a three-piece, Esterkyn, McDermott and Stock, the band recorded "All In"; the disc was released in November through New York-based Rock Ridge Records. Early in 2005 Jens Funke was brought in as permanent bassist.

In mid-2007, Stroke 9 re-emerged with their latest album, "The Last Of The International Playboys".


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Stroke 9 pictures:

  • Stroke 9 band lineup 1999 Stroke 9 band lineup 1999
    The band line-up 1999