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Sugarcult photo 2006

Sugarcult Biography

Punk-Pop group formed in Santa Barbara, California USA in 1998 by singer + guitarist Tim Pagnotta, guitarist Marko 72, bassist Airin Older and drummer Ben Davis.

The quartet began touring the West Coast and in 2001 they gained a contract with Ultimatum Music record label. The band's debut, "Start Static", was issued in the summer of that same year and generated three Modern Rock top 40 hit singles: "Stuck In America", "Bouncing Off The Walls" and "Pretty Girl (The Way)". Sugarcult done some dates with Blink-182 and national tours with Unwritten Law, Less Than Jake, Good Charlotte. Their debut record peaked at #6 on The Top Independent Albums chart and was later released in Europe.

In early 2004 the band returned with the single "Memory" in advance of their second effort, "Palm Trees And Power Lines", which hit #1 on the U.S. Independent chart and rose to #46 on The Billboard 200.

Sugarcult put out its third album, "Lights Out", in September 2006, reaching the #64 position on The Billboard 200 list while the main single, "Do It Alone", ascended into the top 40 of The Hot Modern Rock chart.


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Start Static (2001)

Start Static
1. You're The One
2. Stuck In America
3. Hate Every Beautiful Day
4. Bouncing Off The Walls
5. Saying Goodbye
6. Daddy's Little Defect
7. Lost In You
8. Pretty Girl (The Way)
9. Crashing Down
10. How Does It Feel
11. I Changed My Name

Palm Trees And Power Lines (2004)

Palm Trees And Power Lines
1. She's The Blade
2. Crying
3. Memory
4. Worst December
5. Back To California
6. Destination Anywhere
7. Champagne
8. What You Say
9. Over
10. Head Up
11. Counting Stars
12. Sign Off

Lights Out (2006)

Lights Out
1. Lights Out
2. Dead Living
3. Los Angeles
4. Do It Alone
5. Explode
6. Out Of Phase
7. Made A Mistake
8. Riot
9. Majoring In Minors
10. Shaking
11. The Investigation
12. Hiatus
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