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Sunny Day Real Estate

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Sunny Day Real Estate

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Sunny Day Real Estate Biography

This Seattle, Washington USA-based, Alternative-Rock band emerged from the West Coast distortion-drenched music scene in 1992; guitarist+vocalist Dan Hoerner, bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith were the first incarnation of the group; not long after Jeremy Enigk joined as lead singer and the quartet released two self-financed singles, "Flatland Spider" in fall 1993 and "Thief, Steal Me A Peach" in early 1994.

That same year, Sunny Day Real Estate inked a deal with Sub Pop Records who released their debut full-length album "Diary"; shortly afterwards they set out on their first U.S. trek, an enigmatic tour in which they never played as a full band, the group then broke up and in March of 1995 the label put out a posthumous album, "LP2", known as 'the pink album'.
Mendel and Goldsmith joined Foo Fighters, meanwhile Enigk released a solo effort.
Sunny Day Real Estate regrouped in late 1997, this time with Enigk on vocals+guitar, Hoerner on guitar, Goldsmith on drums and Jeff Palmer on bass replacing Nate Mendel who stayed with the Dave Grohl's band; the new line-up recorded and released in September 1998 "How It Feels To Be Something On", the record smashed at #3 on The Billboard Top Heatseekers chart and cracked the Official Top 200 Albums chart.
Following the release of the final album for Sub Pop, 1999's "Live", the quartet issued their fourth studio set, "The Rising Tide" on Time Bomb Records; this album, which arrived in mid-2000, reached the #97 on The Billboard Top 200 chart.
However problems loomed on the horizon, tension began to grow between the band and their label and Sunny Day Real Estate disbanded a year later after the release of the latest album.

During 2002 Enigk, Goldsmith reunited with Mendel to pursue their new project: The Fire Theft.


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Diary (1994)

1. Seven
2. In Circles
3. Song About An Angel
4. Round
5. 47
6. The Blankets Were The Stairs
7. Pheurton Skeurto
8. Shadows
9. 48
10. Grendel
11. Sometimes

LP2 (1995)

1. Friday
2. Theo B
3. Red Elephant
4. 5/4
5. Waffle
6. 8
7. Iscarabaid
8. Jnuh
9. Rodeo Jones

How It Feels To Be Something On (1998)

How It Feels To Be Something On
1. Pillars
2. Roses In Water
3. Every Shining Time You Arrive
4. Two Promises
5. 100 Million
6. How It Feels To Be Something On
7. The Prophet
8. The Shark's Own Private Fuck
9. Guitar And Video Games
10. The Days Were Golden

The Rising Tide (2000)

The Rising Tide
1. Killed By An Angel
2. One
3. Rain Song
4. Disappear
5. Snibe
6. The Ocean
7. Fool In The Photograph
8. Tearing In My Heart
9. Television
10. Faces In Disguise
11. The Rising Tide
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