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The Superjesus

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The Superjesus band

The Superjesus photo 2003

The Superjesus Biography

Alternative-Rock act formed in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA in late 1994 and originally comprised vocalist Sarah McLeod, guitarist Chris Tennent, bassist Stuart Rudd and drummer Paul Berryman. Two years later the band debuted with an EP entitled "Eight Step Rail".


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Sumo (1998)

1. Down Again
2. Saturation
3. Sandfly
4. Now And Then
5. Ashes
6. I'm Stained
7. Honeyrider
8. Sink
9. Dead Ended
10. Milk
11. Shut My Eyes [hidden track]

Jet Age (2000)

Jet Age
1. Over To You
2. Gravity
3. Enough To Know
4. In Harms Way
5. Secret Agent Man
6. Second Sun
7. Fall To Rescue
8. Everything Turns
9. Safer Emergency
10. When I Tell You In The End
11. Checking In
12. Holy Water
13. Everybody Calls Me Lonely [hidden track]

Rock Music (2003)

Rock Music
1. Shudder
2. Stick Together
3. Let It Go
4. These Dreams
5. Over And Out
6. Bodies For Breakin'
7. Manic
8. Medication
9. Closer
10. So Lonely
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