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Surrender The Fall

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Surrender The Fall

Surrender The Fall photo 2012

Surrender The Fall Biography

Modern Hard-Rock band Surrender The Fall formed up in 2005 in Memphis, Tennessee USA, by vocalist Jared Cole, guitarists Eddie Tyre and Anthony Pitts, bassist Devin Hightower and drummer Zack Horvath, who was replaced in 2010 by Ed Harris.

After years of toiling away in their local area, finally Surrender The Fall had a lucky break when they became an opening act for for such well established Metal bands as Nonpoint and All That Remains, they also signed to Rum Bum Records who released their debut album "Burn In The Spotlight" in September 2012. The set includes the Active Rock radio hit single "Love Hate Masquerade".


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Burn In The Spotlight (2012)

Burn In The Spotlight
1. Everything You Want Me To Be
2. Love Hate Masquerade
3. Bleed
4. Deeper Inside
5. Some Kind Of Perfect
6. I Don't Wanna Know
7. Pitiful
8. Undesigned
9. 40 And 12
10. Nothing
11. Where You Belong
12. Into The Headlights
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