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Taddy Porter

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Taddy Porter

Taddy Porter photo 2010
L2R: Joe Selby (standing), Andy Brewer (standing), Doug Jones (sitting) and Kevin Jones (sitting)

Taddy Porter Biography

Taddy Porter's raucous mix of old school Rock and Blues with a subtle hint of Alternative-Rock sound was first started when singer Andy Brewer and Doug Jones ran into each other in early 2007. Jones had been drumming in numerous bands and Brewer had a guitar in tow as the two met late one night in their hometown of Stillwater, Oklahoma USA. After jamming for several hours the two decided to start what would become the sound that has molded out of the foursome to date. The two met lead guitarist Joe Selby, with three out of the four formed, the band turned to Doug's brother, Kevin to provide the bass grooves.

The band recorded their first demo with Trent Bell of Bell Labs, famed engineer of The Flaming Lips in April 2007. They returned to Bell in December 2007 to begin work on an EP.
Completing the 4-track set entitled "Monocle", Taddy Porter started working on their first full-length recording a self-titled album which was issued in June 2010. They have had three successful singles at Active Rock radio, including the top 30 hit "Shake Me", "Big Enough" and "Long Slow Drag".

Preceded by the single "Fever", the band's second album, "Stay Golden", was released in February 2013.


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Taddy Porter (2010)

Taddy Porter self-titled album
1. Whatever Haunts You
2. Big Enough
3. Shake Me
4. Gotta Getcha Back
5. Long Slow Drag
6. I Gotta Love
7. Mean Bitch
8. Bringin' Me Down
9. In The Morning
10. Fire In The Streets
11. Railroad Queen
12. King Louie

Stay Golden (2013)

Stay Golden
1. Changes
2. The Gun
3. Fever
4. More, More
5. Emma Lee
6. Chemicals
7. We Can Do Anything
8. Evil
9. Walk Away
10. Stay Golden
11. You Can Count On Me
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