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Tears For Fears

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Tears For Fears

Tears For Fears photo 2004

Tears For Fears Biography

Synth-Pop band founded by two long-time friends: vocalist+bassist Curt Smith and guitarist+vocalist Roland Orzabal, they began playing music in a schoolboy band called Graduate, the pair started Tears For Fears recruiting keyboardist Ian Stanely and drummer Manny Elias, in 1981 they recorded two singles "Suffer The Children" and "Pale Shelter", a year later "Mad World" peaked at #3 on The Official U.K. Singles chart, in March of 1983 the band debuted with "The Hurting", it climbed to the top of The U.K. Albums chart, broke the Pop Albums chart in the States spawning another top 10 U.K. hit, "Change", it also entered The U.S. Mainstream Rock chart reaching the #22. Two years later the group released the worlwide breakthrough LP "Songs From The Big Chair" that quickly sold eight million copies, it reached the #1 on The Billboard 200 Albums chart helped by three singles, "Everybody Wants To Rule The World", "Shout" both #1 on The Billboard Hot 100 and "Head Over Heels" which peaked at #3 in the same chart, all the three singles also ranked in the top 10 of the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. TFF resurfaced in 1989 with their third effort, "The Seeds Of Love" but did not receive the same critical approval and commercial performance compared to its predecessor, the record became a top 10 hit in British and American albums charts; the single "Sowing The Seeds Of Love" peaked at #1 on Modern Rock chart and #4 on Mainstream Rock chart. Shortly before the release of 1992 collection set, Smith left the band, the ten-years retrospective included a new song, "Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)", the single hit the top 10 of the Modern Rock chart. A new album credited to Tears For Fears came out a year later, "Elemental" was essentially a solo record from Roland Orzabal, it reached the #45 on The Billboard 200 chart and generated the single "Break It Down Again" which became #1 on Modern Rock chart. Curt Smith, meanwhile, released his solo debut album that same year, "Soul On Board", which went ignored. Orzabal issued 1995's "Raoul And The Kings Of Spain" the fifth album under the name of Tears For Fears. The band founders Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith are back together after 13 years, with the new album "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending" and a new single "Closest Thing To Heaven".


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