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Terrible Things

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Terrible Things band

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Terrible Things Biography

Terrible Things may be hailed as an Alternative-Rock all-stars outfit with ex-Taking Back Sunday vet Fred Mascherino on guitar + vocals, Coheed And Cambria alumnus Josh Eppard on drums and Hot Rod Circuit vocalist + guitarist Andy Jackson forming the powerful triumvirate. The band began writing a concept album about a series of fires that haunted Mascherino's former hometown, the depressed steel-millburgh of Coatesville, Pennsylvania USA, located 40-plus miles west of Philadelphia. A reign of arson terror scorched the more modest neighborhoods of Chester County from 2007 to 2009.

The three eventually entered a recording studio in Birmingham, Alabama, to cut what would became their self-titled debut album; the disc was released in August 2010 via Universal Motown Records; it included the Alternative Rock top 40 hit "Revolution".


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Terrible Things (2010)

Terrible Things self-titled album
1. intro
2. Revolution
3. Up At Night
4. Lullaby
5. Terrible Things
6. Conspiracy
7. Wrap Me Up
8. Been Here Before
9. Not Alone
10. The Hills Of Birmingham
11. The Arsonist's Wife
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