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Tesla band

Tesla band 2014
from left: Frank Hannon, Brian Wheat, Jeff Keith, Troy Luccketta and Dave Rude

Tesla Biography

This Hard-Rock Pop-Metal band was founded in 1982 under the name of City Kid in Sacramento, California USA; two years later the band members, vocalist Jeff Keith, guitarists Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch, bassist Brian Wheat and drummer Troy Luccketta, re-named the group in honor of the famous Serbian scientist and inventor of alternating current Nikola Tesla.

Their debut full-length album, "Mechanical Resonance", came out in 1986 on Geffen; it broke into The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart reaching the #32 spot and two Mainstream Rock top 40 singles, "Little Suzi" and "Modern Day Cowboy", helped drive the disc's sales to platinum status.

Their second effort, 1989's "The Great Radio Controversy", peaked at #18 on The Billboard 200 selling over two million copies, it also broke into the top 40 of the U.K. Official chart. The album's lead-off single, the power ballad "Love Song", rose to the #7 spot on The Mainstream Rock chart and climbed within the top 10 of The Billboard Hot 100; the band's second LP generated two more Rock radio top 20 hits: "Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)" and "The Way It Is", plus the top 30 single, "Paradise".

The next year saw the quintet release a live-acoustic set titled "Five Man Acoustical Jam" which contained their best-known songs, number of inspired cover versions and the smash single "Signs" which peaked at #2 on The Mainstream Rock chart and at #8 on The Billboard Hot 100, finally the album hit #12 on The Billboard 200 going platinum.

Tesla's third studio offering, "Psychotic Supper", was released in the summer of 1991, it debuted at #13 in U.S. and went platinum spawning three Billboard's Mainstream Rock top 20 hits, including the #7 "What You Give", "Call It What You Want" and "Edison's Medicine". The band supported the album with a string of over 130 shows, by the end of the American tour the band had sold nearly 15 million records.

Their next outing, "Bust A Nut", arrived in August 1994, cracking the top 20 of The Billboard 200 and generated "Mama's Fool" which peaked at #5 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks; "Need Your Lovin'" hit #19 and "Alot To Lose" also entered the top 40 on the same chart.

In mid-1995 Skeoch left the band and before the year's end appeared the collection "Time's Makin' Changes: The Best Of Tesla", the final release on Geffen Records, which included a previously unreleased song, the Mainstream Rock top 30 hit "Steppin' Over".
The remaining members continued performing live as a four-piece for the next year and finally the band broke-up while most of the bandmembers worked on side-projects.

2000's full band member reunion in Sacramento, generated "Replugged Live", which was released on Sanctuary Records.

In March of 2004, Tesla resurfaced with their fifth studio album, "Into The Now", which reached the #31 position on The Billboard 200 list, the record yielded two Active Rock top 40 tracks: "Caught In A Dream" and "Words Can't Explain".

Three years later, following the decision to hire guitarist Dave Rude, the Sacramento rockers put out two all-covers albums: "Real To Reel" in June and "Real To Reel 2" in September, the first of which contained their interpretation of Led Zeppelin's "Thank You", the track would eventually become a top 40 on The Hot Mainstream Rock chart.

"Forever More", a new studio album of original material was released in October 2008 and debuted at #33 on The Billboard 200 while the lead single, "I Wanna Live", reached #38 on The Hot Mainstream Rock list.

Latest News:

Tesla are getting ready to unleash their seventh studio studio album "Simplicity". Set for a June 10, 2014, release, the disc features the single "So Divine...".


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Tesla pictures:

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    The band line-up in early '90s
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    Tesla in 2006