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Test Your Reflex

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Test Your Reflex

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Test Your Reflex Biography

The Alternative-Rock combo Test Your Reflex came together in early 2004 in Thousand Oaks, California USA; the group is comprised of five musicians of various backgrounds all between the ages of 19 and 21: lead vocalist Ryan Levine, lead guitarist R. Clark, keyboardist Andrew Ampaya, bassist Agustin Sanchez and drummer Sal Cortez.

Within four months of forming, Test Your Reflex performed their first show at the only place in town that would allow them to play since they were all under 21; after winning over even the most jaded of crowds in Hollywood the band headed to a boutique North Hollywood studio in January of 2006 to begin work on their debut album.
"The Burning Hour" came out in April 2007 on RCA Records. It was preceded by the single "Pieces Of The Sun".


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The Burning Hour (2007)

The Burning Hour
1. I'm Not Sorry
2. Pieces Of The Sun
3. Thinking Of You
4. New Year
5. I Am Alive
6. Black Hearts
7. Do We Belong
8. I Won't Follow
9. This Year (If We Fall In Love)
10. I Know You're Lonely
11. Painted Red
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