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Texas Hippie Coalition

Texas Hippie Coalition bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Texas Hippie Coalition

Texas Hippie Coalition photo 2012

Texas Hippie Coalition Biography

Crafting a unique, original and thoroughly raucous brand of music that's born of both life experience and a respect for Southern-Rock's forefathers, Texas Hippie Coalition formed up in 2004 in Denison, Texas USA. After some personnel changes, the band settled on its first stable line-up comprising charismatic lead singer Big Dad Ritch, guitarists Randy Cooper and Crawfish, bassist John Exall and drummer Cody Bailey.

The band's first album, "Pride Of Texas", was self-released in 2008.

Highly regarded for the intensity of their live shows, the group scored a record deal with Carved Records and in July 2010 churned out their second album, "Rollin'".

Texas Hippie Coalition returned in August 2012 with its next offering, "Peacemaker", it reached #31 on the Top Independent Albums chart and yielded two Active Rock top 40 hits with "Turn It Up" and "Damn You To Hell". THC new line-up features original members Big Dad Ritch and John Exall along with guitarist Cord Pool and drummer Gunnar Molton.


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Pride Of Texas (2008)

Pride Of Texas
1. No Shame
2. Clinched Fist
3. Pissed Off
4. Troublesome Times
5. Drug Dealer
6. TX Tags
7. Leavin
8. Crawlin
9. Closure
10. River Bottom

Rollin' (2010)

1. Intervention
2. Flawed
3. Rollin'
4. Jesus Freak
5. Pissed Off And Mad About It
6. Groupie Girl
7. Saddle Sore
8. Cocked And Loaded
9. Back From Hell
10. Beg

Peacemaker (2012)

1. Hands Up
2. Damn You To Hell
3. 8 Seconds
4. Outlaw
5. Turn It Up
6. Wicked
7. Don't Come Lookin'
8. Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll
9. Paw Paw Hill
10. Peacemaker
11. Think Of Me
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