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Thornley 2009

Thornley photo 2009

Thornley Biography

This Alternative-Rock project was initiated by Canadian-born singer + guitarist Ian Thornley. He moved to Boston in the early '90s playing with a band called Big Wreck; after the separation of the band, in 2002, Ian Thornley returned to his home town Toronto, Ontario CANADA.
He then played as a session musician on various albums by modern Rock artists before launching in 2003 his new band, appropriately called Thornley. In its earliest inception the band was comprised of Ian Thornley on lead guitar + vocals, Tavis Stanley on guitar, Ken Tizzard on bass and Sekou Lumumba on drums.

The group was eventually signed onto Chad Kroeger's 604 Records and the quartet hit the road together long before Thornley's debut, "Come Again", was released in May 2004. The disc grabbed a #7 spot on the Top Canadian Albums chart; it was released in the U.S. through Roadrunner Records reaching the #167 position on The Billboard 200 while the first single, "So Far So Good", peaked at #15 on The Mainstream Rock chart and #27 on The Modern Rock Tracks. A second single, "Easy Comes", also hit the top 30 of the Active Rock radio chart.
They toured extensively across Canada with such bands as Three Days Grace, Thousand Foot Krutch, Nickelback and through the States until October 2005 when they played their final show together; in fact, both Tizzard and Lumumba left the band.

Thornley soon regrouped with a new rhythm section of bassist Cale Gontier, cousin of Three Days Grace frontman Adam Gontier and drummer Eric Paul and continued to tour coast to coast.
The band's sophomre album, "Tiny Pictures", was released in Canada in February 2009; it debuted at #13 on the national Albums chart and spawned three Canadian Active Rock hit singles in the songs "Make Believe", "Changes" and "Man Overboard".

In 2012 Ian Thornley released a new album under the banner of Big Wreck.


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Thornley pictures:

  • Thornley band lineup 2004 Thornley band lineup 2004
    The band line-up 2004

Come Again (2004)

Come Again
1. Falling To Pieces
2. Come Again
3. So Far So Good
4. The Going Rate (My Fix)
5. Keep A Good Man Down
6. Easy Comes
7. Beautiful
8. Bright Side
9. Clever
10. Found Another Way
11. All Comes Out In The Wash
12. The Lies That I Believe

Tiny Pictures (2009)

Tiny Pictures
1. Underneath The Radar
2. Changes
3. Man Overboard
4. Your Song
5. Make Believe
6. This Is Where My Heart Is
7. Better Side Of Me
8. Might Be The End
9. Conscience And Consequence
10. All Fall Down
11. Be There For Me
12. Another Memory
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