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Tiger Army

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Tiger Army band

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Tiger Army Biography

The Punk-Rock trio Tiger Army came together in early 1996, when lead singer+guitarist & songwriter Nick 13, bassist Rob Peltier and drummer Adam Carson played their first show at the legendary 924 Gilman in Berkeley, California USA, the Punk collective where bands such as Green Day, AFI and Rancid got their start, opening for longtime hometown friends AFI and in fact borrowing their drummer. Local gigging on a variety of musically mixed bills and recording demos, later released as the Early Years EP, the band quickly came to the attention of Rancid frontman and Hellcat Records co-founder Tim Armstrong, who contacted Nick 13 and asked him to record an album.

The eventual result was the band's self-titled debut, released in October 1999; it was an album that was to announce the long-overdue arrival of the psychobilly subculture, born in early '80s England, to the North American continent, introducing countless fans to the style that had gone unnoticed here for so long. In 2000, Nick 13 moved to Los Angeles, intent on finding a touring line-up for the band.
With the release of the band's second full-length, "Tiger Army II: Power Of Moonlite", in the summer of 2001, the band began a relentless period of touring that lasted eighteen months, taking the group across the States several times and over the oceans to Japan and Europe. Now consisting of stand-up bass player Geoff Kresge and drummer Fred Hell in addition to 13, Tiger Army cut its teeth on the road, touring with several Punk outfits in addition to various festivals and headlining dates.
In early 2003 as the band rehearsed material for the album that was to become "Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise", tragedy struck as Fred Hell was shot four times in a home-invasion robbery; despite waiting several months for his recovery, he was ultimately unable to record with the band and friend and longtime drum tech Mike Fasano stepped in to handle drum duties in the studio. Despite a seemingly miraculous recovery and a return to the road with the band for a tour supporting Rancid and some regional headlining dates, lingering health issues sadly prevented Hell from continuing on with the band.
After two sold-out record release shows at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in July 2004 to mark the arrival of the band's third LP, which hit the top 10 of the U.S. Independent Albums chart and reached the #146 position of The Billboard 200, Mike Fasano once again returned to fill the drummer's seat as the band embarked on the second month of the Vans Warped Tour, playing 28 shows on the main stage. Kresge announced his departure from the band after returning home from that tour, he was replaced by stand-up bassist Jeff Roffredo. Tiger Army then hired drummer James Meza and embarked on their longest tour yet with, a nine-and-a-half week, 46 show odyssey supporting Social Distortion on a full U.S. tour.

Released in June 2007, Tiger Army's fourth album, "Music From Regions Beyond", is the trio's most diverse and commercial-sounding record to date; the 11-track set, which included the alt-Rock radio single "Forever Fades Away", debuted in the top 50 of The Billboard 200 Albums chart.


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Tiger Army pictures:

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    Group shot 2004

Tiger Army (1999)

Tiger Army self-titled album
1. prelude: Nightfall
2. Nocturnal
3. Fog Surrounds
4. True Romance
5. Devil Girl
6. Never Die
7. Moonlite Dreams
8. Trance
9. Twenty Flight Rock
10. Werecat
11. Outlaw Heart
12. Neobamboom
13. Last Night

Tiger Army II: Power Of Moonlite (2001)

Tiger Army II: Power Of Moonlite
1. prelude: Call Of The Ghost Tigers
2. Towards Destiny
3. Incorporeal
4. Power Of Moonlite
5. When Night Comes Down
6. Grey Dawn Breaking
7. Cupid's Victim
8. Valley Of Dreams
9. Annabel Lee
10. In The Orchard
11. Under Saturn's Shadow
12. F.T.W.
13. Remembered Forever

Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise (2004)

Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise
1. prelude: Death Of A Tiger
2. Ghost Tigers Rise
3. Wander Alone
4. Santa Carla Twilight
5. Ghostfire
6. Rose Of The Devil's Garden
7. Atomic
8. What Happens?
9. Through The Darkness
10. The Long Road
11. Calling
12. Swift Silent Deadly
13. Sea Of Fire

Music From Regions Beyond (2007)

1. prelude: Signal Return
2. Hotprowl
3. Afterworld
4. Forever Fades Away
5. Ghosts Of Memory
6. Lunatone
7. Pain
8. As The Cold Rain Falls
9. Hechizo De Amor
10. Spring Forward
11. Where The Moss Slowly Grows
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