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The Ting Tings

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The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings photo 2010

The Ting Tings Biography

The Manchester-based self-proclaimed Garage-Pop duo The Ting Tings, was formed in Salford, Lancashire ENGLAND, in 2006, after several years of false starts in the music scene, by singer + guitarist Katie White and drummer Jules De Martino; they were in a previous band together, Dear Eskiimo. White and De Martino met when Katie was just out of being a Wigan school-girl and bonded over a shared ambition to rock the foundations of Pop music.

The pair have now successfully reinvented themselves and become one of the most credible and critically-acclaimed groups on the indie scene. The Ting Tings' first U.K. Top 40 single, "Great DJ", was followed by the the #1 smash "That's Not My Name". Their first full-length disc, "We Started Nothing", which equaled the peak position of the second single on the British Albums chart, was released in May 2008. It also included "Shut Up And Let Me Go", the song used on the 2008 iPod commercial.
In America the album reached the #78 position on The Billboard 200 and the singles "That's Not My Name" and "Shut Up And Let Me Go", both broke into the top 40 of The Hot Modern Rock chart.

The duo spent a relentless two years touring before eventually returning to the studio, they planned to release a second album called, "Kunst'", in 2010, but this project was scrapped after the single titled "Hands" failed to set the charts alight.

The Ting Tings issued their long-awaited sophomore album, "Sounds From Nowheresville", in March 2012. The disc didn't rise higher than #23 on the U.K. Sales chart and the main single, "Hang It Up", failed to make any impact on the chart at all.


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The Ting Tings pictures:

  • The Ting Tings 2008 The Ting Tings 2008
    J. De Martino and Katie White (2008)

We Started Nothing (2008)

We Started Nothing
1. Great DJ
2. That's Not My Name
3. Fruit Machine
4. Traffic Light
5. Shut Up And Let Me Go
6. Keep Your Head
7. We Walk
8. Be The One
9. Impacilla Carpisung
10. We Started Nothing

Hands [single] (2010)

Hands - single

Sounds From Nowheresville (2012)

Sounds From Nowheresville
1. Silence
2. Hit Me Down Sonny
3. Hang It Up
4. Give It Back
5. Guggenheim
6. Soul Killing
7. One By One
8. Day To Day
9. Help
10. In Your Life
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