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Toadies Biography

This Alternative-Rock band was formed in the early '90s in Fort Worth, Texas USA and originally comprised lead singer Todd Lewis, guitarist Darrell Herbert, bassist Lisa Umbarger and drummer Mark Reznicek.

In 1993, the group issued a 5-track EP entitled "Pleather" and in the summer of the following year Toadies released its debut full-length disc, "Rubberneck", through Interscope Records; an intense, swirling vortex of guitar rock built around Lewis' songs and abstract lyrics, like the smash single "Possum Kingdom", which peaked at #4 on The Modern Rock chart and at #9 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks. The album reached the #56 position on The Billboard Top 200 generating yet another Billboard's Rock radio top 30 hit with "Away"; the promotional tour with top bands such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bush helped boost album sales to platinum status.

Perhaps in keeping with the uneasy vibe, that success didn't translate to label support when the band submitted their second album, "Feeler"; its release was ultimately denied by Interscope.
In 1996 Herbert left Toadies for another band, he was replaced by guitar player Clark Vogeler.
The Texan foursome resurfaced in spring 2001, eventually some of the "Feeler" tracks made it onto "Hell Below / Stars Above", their sophomore offering that came after six full years after their debut LP. But the new record didn't rise higher than #130 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and generated only one Mainstream Rock top 40 single, "Push The Hand".

That same year the group disbanded and Todd Lewis went on to form The Burden Brothers.

They regrouped in 2006 for a couple of sold-out shows and by the fall of 2007 Toadies officially reconvened, signing with Kirtland Records and Lewis, Reznicek, Vogeler and new bass player Doni Blair recorded the band's third album, "No Deliverance", at Fort Worth Sound in Fort Worth and Music Lane in Austin. The disc peaked at #4 on the U.S. Top Independent Albums chart upon its August 2008 release and reached the #59 position on The Billboard 200 generating an Hot Mainstream Rock top 40 hit with the title-track.

Two years later and after thirteen years from the original planned release, the band unleashed "Feeler", however, a handful of songs that were originally recorded in 1997 are absent here. The album contained the free digital single "City Of Hate".

Originally slated to be released as an EP in May 2012, Toadies decided to expand the effort and release a full album entitled "Play.Rock.Music" three monts later. The disc, which contained the single "Summer Of The Stage", reached #35 on the Top Independent Albums chart.


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