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Tom Cochrane

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Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane photo 2006

Tom Cochrane Biography

Heartland rocker Tom Cochrane was born May 14, 1953 in Lynn Lake, Manitoba CANADA and was raised in a place called Etobicoke which is near Toronto; he picked up his first guitar when he was about 11 years old and by the early '70s, he began by performing in various coffee houses across the nation.

By 1973 he had secured a record deal with Daffodil Records to release his first single, "You're Driving Me Crazy" and a year later followed with his first LP, "Hang On To Your Resistance", under his surname, Cochrane.

In 1980 Tom Cochrane became a part of a popular Toronto Pop-Rock band by the name of Red Rider, he soon became lead singer of the group and together, they released a total of five albums.
In the mid-'80s the band became known as "Tom Cochrane & Red Rider" as they released an eponymous album which hit #116 on The Billboard 200 while the main single, "Boy Inside The Man", broke into the top 20 of The Mainstream Rock chart.
1988's "Victory Day" was still a moderate unchallenging album for the band; it reached the #144 position in U.S. producing the hit single "Big League", which rose to #9 on the Billboard's Rock chart.
The following year they played various songs with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and recorded their last album: "The Symphony Sessions".

Tom Cochrane then decided to go solo and in 1991 he released his own album, "Mad Mad World", which contained his career's most successful hit song: "Life Is A Highway", this single peaked at #6 on The Mainstream Rock chart and smashed into the top 10 of The Billboard Hot 100 propelling the album to #46 on The Billboard Top 200 list; "Mad Mad World" sold more than 2 million copies worldwide and also included "No Regrets", which hit #7 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks and "Washed Away", a further Billboard's Hot 100 entrant.
He released three more albums in the second half of the '90s: "Ragged Ass Road" in November 1995, the 12-track compilation "Songs Of A Circling Spirit" two years later and 1998's "Xray Sierra", though none matched his early '90s success.
Cochrane was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in March 2003, a few months earlier he released the double-CD greatest hits collection "Trapeze"; it included the new song "Just Like Ali", a tribute to two men afflicted with Parkinson's disease: the boxer Muhammad Ali and Cochrane's late father Tuck.

The veteran Canadian rocker resurfaced in October 2006 with "No Stranger", the album heralds a new chapter in Cochrane's acclaimed career, it's his first for Universal Music Canada, after releasing all of his previous recordings through EMI; the set includes the album-Rock radio single "Didn't Mean".


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