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Tom Tom Club

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Tom Tom Club Discography

Tom Tom Club (1981)

Tom Tom Club self-titled album
1. Wordy Rappinghood
2. Genius Of Love
3. Tom Tom Theme
4. L' Elephant
5. As Above, So Below
6. Lorelei
7. On, On, On, On...
8. Booming And Zooming
9. Under The Boardwalk

Close To The Bone (1983)

Close To The Bone
1. Pleasure Of Love
2. On The Line Again
3. This Is A Foxy World
4. Bamboo Town
5. The Man With The 4-Way Hips
6. Measure Up
7. Never Took A Penny
8. Atsababy! (Life Is Great)

Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom [European edition] (1988)

Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom - European edition
1. Suboceana
2. Shock The World
3. Don't Say No
4. Challenge Of The Love Warriors
5. Femme Fatale
6. Born For Love
7. Broken Promises
8. She Belongs To Me
9. Little Eva
10. Mighty Teardrop

Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom [US edition] (1988)

Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom - US edition
1. Call Of The Wild
2. Kiss Me When I Get Back
3. Wa Wa Dance
4. I Confess
5. Challenge Of The Love Warriors
6. Suboceana
7. Don't Say No
8. Shock The World
9. Little Eva
10. Femme Fatale

Dark Sneak Love Action (1991)

Dark Sneak Love Action
1. Love Wave
2. Sunshine And Ecstasy
3. You Sexy Thing
4. Who Wants An Ugly Girl?
5. Say I Am
6. Irresistible Party Dip
7. Dark Sneak Love Action
8. Innocent Sex Kiss
9. Dogs In The Trash
10. My Mama Told Me
11. As The Disco Ball Turns
12. Daddy Come Home

The Good The Bad And The Funky (2000)

The Good The Bad And The Funky
1. Time To Bounce
2. Who Feelin' It
3. Happiness Can't Buy Money
4. Holy Water
5. Soul Fire
6. She's Dangerous
7. She's A Freak
8. (C'mon) Surrender
9. Love To Love You Baby
10. Superdreaming
11. Lesbians By The Lake
12. Let There Be Love
13. Time To Bounce [Dubbed version]
14. Dangerous Dub

Downtown Rockers [EP] (2012)

Downtown Rockers - EP
1. Downtown Rockers
2. Won't Give Up
3. You Make Me Rock And Roll
4. Kissin' Antonio
5. Sweets To The Sweet
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