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Tonic band

Tonic band photo 2009

Tonic Biography

This Alternative-Rock band was formed in Los Angeles, California USA, in 1993 by vocalist + guitarist Emerson Hart, guitarist Jeff Russo, bassist Dan Rothchild and drummer Kevin Shepard.

Tonic developed their fan-base through touring rather than radio airplay, eventually scoring a deal with A&M Records who released their debut album, "Lemon Parade", in the summer of 1996; it crashed into the top 30 of The Billboard 200 chart on the strength of three smash singles: "Open Up Your Eyes" peaked at #2 on The Mainstream Rock chart, the huge hit "If You Could Only See", in addition to landing the #1 spot on the Active Rock chart, it ascended into the top 3 of The Modern Rock Tracks and the third single, "Casual Affair", rose to #3 on The Mainstream Rock chart.

After a change in the line-up, Dan Lavery replaced Rothchild on bass and Shepard left shortly before the band went into the studio to record their second effort, now as a three-piece, Tonic returned in late 1999 with "Sugar", the disc reached the #81 position on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart spawning "You Wanted More" which hit #3 on The Mainstream Rock chart and #10 on The Modern Rock Tracks; the second single, "Knock Down Walls", sneaked into the top 20 of The Active Rock chart. A promotional tour, with The Goo Goo Dolls, followed the album release, sparking their fame even more.

In September of 2002, the trio released "Head On Straight", although the album received two Grammy nominations, Best Rock Album and Best Rock Performance for the single "Take Me As I Am", it stalled at #141 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums list.

Featuring the single, "Release Me", Tonic's long delayed fourth album, simply titled "Tonic", came out in May 2010 reaching #150 on The Billboard 200.


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Tonic pictures:

  • Tonic band lineup 1997 Tonic band lineup 1997
    The band line-up 1997

Lemon Parade (1996)

Lemon Parade
1. Open Up Your Eyes
2. Casual Affair
3. If You Could Only See
4. Soldier's Daughter
5. Lemon Parade
6. Mountain
7. Thick
8. Wicked Soldier
9. Mr. Golden Deal
10. Bigot Sunshine
11. Celtic Aggression
12. My Old Man

Sugar (1999)

1. Future Says Run
2. You Wanted More
3. Knock Down Walls
4. Mean To Me
5. Sugar
6. Jump Jimmy (Stronger Than Mine)
7. Queen
8. Waiting For The Light To Change
9. Waltz With Me
10. Sunflower
11. Drag Me Down
12. Top Falls Down
13. Love A Diamond

Head On Straight (2002)

Head On Straight
1. Roses
2. Take Me As I Am
3. Count On Me (Somebody)
4. Do You Know
5. Head On Straight
6. Liar
7. On Your Feet Again
8. Come Rest Your Head
9. Ring Around Her Finger
10. Believe Me
11. Irish
12. Let Me Go

Tonic (2010)

Tonic self-titled album
1. Release Me
2. Daffodil
3. I Want It To Be
4. Send A Message
5. Bigger Than Both
6. Nothing Is Everything
7. Feel It Now
8. Where Do I Fit
9. Resolve
10. Precious Little Bird
11. Torn To Pieces
12. She Goes Down
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