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Towers Of London

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Towers Of London band

Towers Of London photo 2005

Towers Of London Biography

London-based controversial Punk-Rock act Towers Of London formed in Liverpool, ENGLAND around the core duo of brothers Donny Tourette on vocals and Dirk Tourette on guitars; the band also featured The Rev on lead guitar, Tommy Brunette on bass and Snell on drums.

In 2005 the group scored a couple of U.K. top 40 hits with "On A Noose" and "How Rude She Was"; recorded over the course of three months between London and Los Angeles with Stacy Jones of American Hi-Fi, their debut album, "Blood Sweat & Towers", was issued in June 2006 on TVT Records label; the disc included another British top 40 single, "Air Guitar".

In the fall of 2008 Towers Of London released a second album, "Fizzy Pop", before disbanding the following year.


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Blood Sweat & Towers (2006)

Blood Sweat & Towers
1. I'm A Rat
2. Air Guitar
3. Kill The Pop Scene
4. Beaujolais
5. Fuck It Up [acoustic]
6. King
7. Good Times
8. On A Noose
9. Start Believing
10. Northern Lights
11. Fuck It Up
12. How Rude She Was
13. Seen It All

Fizzy Pop (2008)

Fizzy Pop
1. Naked On The Dance Floor
2. Go Sister Go
3. Time Is Running Out
4. 1984 (Nanny Nation)
5. Queen Of Cool
6. Start The Rupt
7. When She Comes
8. Avaline
9. If It Don't Feel Good
10. Bishops Gate
11. Beach Bar
12. New Skin
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