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Travis band

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Travis Biography

Comprising of singer + songwriter Francis Healy, guitarist Andy Dunlop, bassist Douglas Payne and drummer Neil Primrose, Travis got its start in Glasgow, SCOTLAND in the early '90s. In 1996, after securing a publishing deal with Sony, the band, that was labeled as cerebral art school rockers, irrepressibly happy-go-lucky Pop freaks and laconic balladeers to skim but the surface, decamped south to London.

Travis debuted that fall with an EP entitled "All I Wanna Do Is Rock". The ensuing two years found the group turn in a pivotal performance on BBC's Later with Jools Holland, perform close to 200 gigs, including key tours with Oasis and Catatonia and gradually attract legions of devotees.
As a result, when their first full-length disc, "Good Feeling", was released in September 1997, it went straight into the top 10 of the British Albums chart, eventually producing five strikingly singles, including the rallying "U16 Girls", the U.K. top 40 hits "Happy" and "Tied To The '90s" and the achingly melancholic "More Than Us", which peaked at #16.

"The Man Who", reached #1 in U.K. thirteen weeks after its May 1999 release and entered the American Billboard Top 200 chart at #135. The band's sophomore album, which was that year's biggest selling record in the U.K. shifting nearly 3 million copies, included two British top 10 hit singles, "Turn" and "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?", the latter also landed them on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks top 40 chart.

In the summer of the following year Travis scored a big U.K. hit with the single "Coming Around", an extra release not included on "The Man Who".

2001's "The Invisible Band" confirmed their British popularity, reaching the #1 position on the National Albums chart and the lead single, "Sing", hit the U.K. top 3 selling 60,000 copies in a week; the CD contained two more top 20 hits "Side" and "Flowers In The Window". "Sing" became the band's most successful single worldwide reaching #37 on the Billboard's Modern Rock chart, it also helped boost the album up to #39 on The Billboard 200 and to #12 on the Top Canadian Albums charts.

The Glaswegian foursome released their fourth album, "12 Memories", in October 2003; it reached #41 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and rocketed into the U.K. top 3 while the first single, "Re-Offender", peaked at #7; further minor hits followed, including "The Beautiful Occupation" and "Love Will Come Through".

After a few years break from recording, with the exception of a couple of songs featured on the greatest hits collection "Singles", in May 2007 Travis unveiled its fifth album of original material, "The Boy With No Name"; the disc included the U.K. top 10 hit "Closer" and a second single, the finger snapping side "Selfish Jean", which also went into the top 40 in Britain. The album peaked at #4 in U.K. and reached the #58 position on the American Billboard 200 list.

Coming less than a year and a half after its predecessor, the next album, "Ode To J. Smith", was recorded in a rush resulting in a rougher, more immediate affair than their previous efforts. Preceded by the minor hit single "Something Anything", it was released in September 2008 but failed to rise above #20 on the U.K. Albums chart.

Latest News:

Travis will release "Where You Stand", their first album in five years and the seventh overall, on August 19, 2013.


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