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Trey Anastasio

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Trey Anastasio

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Trey Anastasio Biography

Ernest Giuseppe Anastasio was born on September 30, 1964 in Princeton, New Jersey USA; his principle instruments include guitar and voice. In the mid-'80s, with childhood friend Tom Marshall and University of Vermont friends Mike Gordon, Jon Fishman and Jeff Holdsworth, Trey Anastasio started to make music full-time in Phish, one of the most unique, inventive and popular American Jam-Rock bands; they managed to sell millions of albums, including a never-ending stream of live releases, without significant radio airplay or TV attention.

Anastasio's first solo release appeared in 1998, "One Man's Trash" was a collection of musical scraps recorded by the guitarist in his home studio.
Two years later he released "Trampled By Lambs And Pecked By The Doves", another compilation of demos and songs from 1997, recorded with his long-time songwriting partner, Tom Marshall.
In May 2000, Anastasio went on to form Oysterhead with Primus bassist Les Claypool and ex-Police drummer Stewart Copeland, the trio came together for a one-time-only gig at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival; this teaming lead to the release of an album, "The Grand Pecking Order", which cracked the top 50 of The Billboard 200 chart.
While Phish's hiatus seems to have buried any band notions of permanent breakup, in late April of 2002 Trey Anastasio finally issued his eponymous CD on Elektra Records, it reached the #45 position on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and he and his backing band toured steadily for most of the year.
A live album, the double-disc set "Plasma", was subsequently released in the spring of 2003 and a year later he issued "Seis De Mayo", an album of all instrumental re-worked pieces from sessions held between 2000 and 2003.
After nearly two years, Trey Anastasio returned with his second LP of new material and his first for Columbia Records, "Shine" peaked at #64 on The Billboard 200 chart upon its November 2005 release and the title cut was the first single off the album.

"Bar 17" marks Anastasio's second solo album in just under a year as he continues his evolution as guitarist, songwriter and improvisationalist; this ambitious, wide-ranging recording, with over 40 session players, reached #102 on The Billboard 200.

After releasing an instrumental album, 2007's "The Horseshoe Curve" and then a symphonic effort titled "Time Turns Elastic", in the fall of 2012 Trey Anastasio put out "Traveler", whose raggedy pop/rocker tune titled "Pigtail" was heavily played on 100 XR. "Traveler" hit #11 on the Top Independent Albums chart and peaked at #51 on the overall Billboard Top 200 list.


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