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Trigger Point

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Trigger Point band

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Trigger Point Biography

The Alternative-Metal band Trigger Point got its start in Los Angeles, California USA, in 2001, but it wasn't until three years later that the four-piece finally got the line-up in place; comprising vocalist Taylor Wallace, guitarist Mike Bashur, bassist Paul Kelly and drummer Dave Gentry, the group began to tour throughout the West Coast.

Their unique sound, a delicate balance of unforgettable melodies, commanding guitar riffs and chest pounding grooves, garnered them a deal with the indie label Corporate Punishment Records who released their debut album, "A Silent Protest", in September 2005; it included the Rock radio single "Picking Up The Pieces".


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A Silent Protest (2005)

A Silent Protest
1. Please Stand By
2. Silent Protest
3. My Time
4. Picking Up The Pieces
5. Away
6. His Final Breath
7. The Color Of Real
8. Nowhere To Be
9. Cycle
10. Stray
11. Pain Is A Lesson
12. Seven
13. The Last Laugh
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