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Trivium band

Trivium photo 2011

Trivium Biography

Formed in Orlando, Florida USA, at the dawn of the 21st century, Trivium was soon picked up by small independent label Lifeforce Records. At this time, comprising only of singer + guitarist Matt Heafy, bassist Brent Young and drummer Travis Smith, the threesome started playing covers of Alternative-Metal, Thrash-Metal songs.

Their debut full-length disc, "Ember To Inferno", was released in October 2003 and one track from this album appeared on a magazine compilation CD, which fell into the lap of longtime Roadrunner Records A&R man Monte Conner, who immediately heard the potential in the band.

In March 2005, following the replacement of Young with bass player Paolo Gregoletto and the recruitment of guitarist Corey Beaulieu, the band released "Ascendancy", a bold and dynamic statement of intent that confirmed the potency of these young men's talents and charisma. The album garnered a large number of frothing, positive reviews throughout the music press around the world, hitting #4 on the U.S. Top Heatseekers chart and became their first Billboard Top 200 entry at #141.

Trivium returned in October 2006 and continued their dominance on the Metal scene with its second Roadrunner Records release, "The Crusade", which debuted at #25 on The Billboard 200 chart; it included the singles "Entrance Of The Conflagration", "Anthem (We Are The Fire)" and the Hot Mainstream Rock top 40 hit "The Rising".

The Florida foursome unleashed their next full-length CD, "Shogun", in September 2008; it reached #23 on The Billboard 200 but the lead single, "Down From The Sky", failed to make any impact on the charts.
Over a year later after the album's release Travis Smith left the band to be replaced by new drummer Nick Augusto.

Trivium put out its fifth studio record, "In Waves", in August 2011 and the disc went to #13 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart producing two Active Rock top 40 hits: "Built To Fall" and "Black".

Latest News:

Trivium's sixth studio album, "Vengeance Falls", will be available October 15, 2013. It includes thei single "Strife".

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Trivium pictures:

  • Trivium band 2003 Trivium band 2003
    The band line-up 2003: from left: Matt Heafy, Travis Smith & Brent Young
  • Trivium band 2006 Trivium band 2006
    Trivium in 2006