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Trust Company

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Trust Company

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Trust Company Biography

This Alternative-Metal band originated from Montgomery, Alabama USA, in the second half of the '90s when singer + rhythm guitarist Kevin Palmer and drummer Jason Singleton decided to start a band; the pair recruited bass player Josh Moates and began to tour locally as 41Down. Guitarist James Fukai was the last to join the group and in early 2000 Trust Company was solidified.

The band released their debut Geffen full-length album, "The Lonely Position Of Neutral", in July 2002, marking the start of a whirlwind year for the Alabama quartet as they supported the record by touring steadily throughout the rest of the year during which time they opened shows for such major acts as Korn, Puddle Of Mudd and Adema. The CD peaked at #11 on The Billboard Top 200 chart and eventually went gold, it included "Downfall" which hit #6 on both Modern and Mainstream Rock chart plus a second Billboard's Rock top 30 hit, "Running From Me".

After nearly three years, in March 2005, Trust Company returned with a new bass player, Walter Warren and with its second album, "True Parallels"; the 12-track set went on to sell over 200,000 copies and spawned the Modern Rock top 20 hit single "Stronger"; shortly after the CD came out frontman Kevin Palmer left the band and eventually Trust Company folded in mid-2005.

Reconnecting with bassist Josh Moates, Palmer began writing songs for a new project: Amity Lane.

A couple of years later Trust Company reformed with three of the original members, Palmer, Singleton and Fukai and in March 2011 released the band's third album, "Dreaming In Black And White", on eOne Music. The disc, which contained the minor hit single "Heart In My Hands", debuted at #175 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.


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The Lonely Position Of Neutral (2002)

 The Lonely Position Of Neutral
1. Downfall
2. Falling Apart
3. Hover
4. Running From Me
5. Slipping Away
6. Figure 8
7. The Fear
8. Deeper Into You
9. Drop To Zero
10. Finally
11. Take It All

True Parallels (2005)

True Parallels
1. Stronger
2. The War Is Over
3. Surfacing
4. Slave
5. Fold
6. The Reflection
7. Breaking Down
8. Someone Like You
9. Crossing The Line
10. Silently
11. Erased
12. Without A Trace

Dreaming In Black And White (2011)

Dreaming In Black And White
1. Close Your Eyes (Til It's Over)
2. Heart In My Hands
3. Almost There
4. Stumbling
5. Reverse And Remember
6. Pulling You Down
7. Alone Again
8. Dreaming In Black And White
9. Letting Go
10. Skies Will Burn
11. We Are The Ones
12. Don't Say Goodbye
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