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Tsar band

Tsar band photo 2005

Tsar Biography

Forming in Los Angeles, California USA, in the late '90s, the Alternative-Rock act Tsar combined a four-piece crew, fronted by vocalist + guitarist Jeff Whalen and supported by lead guitarist Daniel Kern, bass player Derrick Forget and drummer Chuck Byler.

The band made their debut with a self-titled album released in mid-2000 on Hollywood Records.

Tsar's second full-length disc, "Band-Girls-Money", featuring the title-track as a first single, followed in June 2005 on TVT Records.


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Tsar pictures:

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Tsar (2000)

Tsar self-titled album
1. Calling All Destroyers
2. I Don't Wanna Break-Up
3. Silver Shifter
4. Kathy Fong Is The Bomb
5. The Teen Wizards
6. Monostereo
7. Afradio, Pt. One and Pt. Two
8. Ordinary Gurl
9. Disappear
10. The Girl Who Wouldn't Die

Band-Girls-Money (2005)

1. Band-Girls-Money
2. Wanna Get Dead
3. The Love Explosion
4. Superdeformed
5. Straight
6. Wrong
7. Everybody's Fault But Mine
8. Conqueror Worm
9. Startime
10. You Can't Always Get What You Want
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