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Type O Negative

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Type O Negative

Type O Negative photo 2006

Type O Negative Biography

Type O Negative was formed in 1990 in Brooklyn, New York USA, by vocalist + bassist Peter Steele out of the remnants of the thrash band Carnivore; with an already established reputation for a brash speed-Metal sound and offensive lyrics, Steele continued this tradition with his new band, made up of guitarist Ken Hickey, keyboardist Josh Silver and drummer Sal Abruscato.

Combining elements of Goth-Metal, Industrial and alt-Rock, the group's 1991 Roadrunner debut, "Slow, Deep And Hard", was an underground sensation.

They followed it up a year later with a fake live album entitled "The Origin Of The Feces" on which Steele introduced his vampire vocal style; its notorious cover depicting a pair of spread buttocks, the album was eventually re-issued with less graphic artwork, it notched "Hey Pete", a Death-Metal remake of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe".

1993's "Bloody Kisses" was the first album to achieve gold and platinum status in the Roadrunner Records catalog; Abruscato departed following its release to join Life Of Agony, at which point Kelly joined the band. The disc hit #166 on The Billboard Top 200 chart well over a year after its premiere and featured "Black No. 1", perhaps their most popular radio hit of the first half of the '90s.

Their next album, "October Rust", appeared in August 1996; it reached #42 on The Billboard 200 and went gold, thus solidifying Type O's roots in the sediment of Metal.

Three full years after their last album, in September 1999 the Goth-Metal gurus finally returned with "World Coming Down" breaking into the top 40 of The Billboard 200; this album included the single "Everything Dies" which hit #37 on The Mainstream Rock chart.

Released in mid-2003, "Life Is Killing Me" was Type O's sixth full-length record and its first batch of new material since 1999's "World Coming Down"; in between this opus and "World Coming Down", the band released "The Least Worst Of Type O Negative", a collection of hit, unreleased and re-mixed tracks. "Life Is Killing Me" peaked at #39 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart producing the Mainstream Rock top 40 hit "I Don't Wanna Be Me".

In March 2007 Type O Negative released their next album, "Dead Again", their first for the SPV label, debuting at #27 on Billboard's Top 200.

On April 14, 2010, the singer, bassist and chief songwriter Peter Steele suddenly passed away due to heart failure. He was 48.


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