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U.P.O. band

U.P.O. band photo 2004

U.P.O. Biography

Based in Los Angeles, California USA, this aggressive, melodic, Hard-Rock band was formed in 1998 by vocalist Shawn Albro and longtime friend, guitarist Chris Weber. They were eventually joined by bassist Benjamin Shirley and drummer Tommy Holt. After crafting a 4-song demo which attracted major label interest and only a few short months of self-promoted shows, the band found themselves very much on the industry radar.

The group was signed to Epic Records and released their debut album "No Pleasantries" in May 2000; it spawned two singles: "Godless" hit #5 on the Billboard's Mainstream Rock list and "Feel Alive" climbed to #25 on the same chart.
After extensive touring with heavyweights such as Linkin Park, Slipknot, Nickelback, Godsmack and 3 Doors Down, U.P.O. took a hiatus.

The quartet resurfaced in March 2004 with their sophomore record, "The Heavy", which contained the single "Free". Shortly after the album's release Hungarian-born guitarist Zoltan Bathory joined the band; however, during this time U.P.O. failed to make any impact in sales or radio and the group quietly disappeared as their efforts focused elsewhere.

In 2005 Zoltan Bathory formed Five Finger Death Punch.


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