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The Vanished

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The Vanished

The Vanished photo 2007

The Vanished Biography

Dallas, Texas USA-based Alternative-Rock four-man band The Vanished formed in September 2002 when frontman Kevin Kirkwood and guitarist Dallas Perry joined up with long-time childhood friends Justin Young on bass and Phil Helms on drums.

The band recorded a 6-song EP during the summer of 2003 in Memphis; released that October, the record elicited a public response so overwhelming that the band returned to the studio only months later to complete a full-length album.
The Vanished issued their official debut album, "Favorite Scar", in January 2005 on Kirtland Records; the 10-song set featured three singles: "Wake Up", "Favorite Scar" and "Latch Key Princess". They then toured the U.S. sharing the stage with such bands as Bowling For Soup, Blue October, Daughtry, Flyleaf, The Exies and Simple Plan.

The Vanished realized another triumph in November of 2006 with the release of "Act 1: Captives" EP; this was the first release recorded with new guitarist Chance Ivey. The EP's first single, "The Longest Goodbye", became a regional hit and the band continued to perform across the nation.


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The Vanished pictures:

  • The Vanished band 2005 The Vanished band 2005
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Favorite Scar (2005)

Favorite Scar
1. Anesthesia Winter
2. Wake Up
3. Favorite Scar
4. Latch Key Princess
5. The Only Thing
6. Anna's Leech
7. Soap
8. Gospel Machine Gun
9. Kerosene
10. The Anatomy Of Desperation

Act 1: "Captives" [EP] (2006)

Act 1: "Captives" - EP
1. The Longest Goodbye
2. Chemical Reaction
3. I Love Your Blood
4. Death By Holiday
5. Shadows
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