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Vaux band

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Vaux Biography

The Alternative-Rock oufit Vaux emerged from the Denver, Colorado USA, underground scene in 1998; led by the vocals of Quentin Smith the band also includes guitarists Chris Sorensen and Adam Tymn, keyboardist+guitarist Greg Daniels, bassist Ryder Robison and drummer Joe McChan.

The band soon released their own record, the 7-inch "To Write A Symphony", initially under the moniker of Eiffel; two years later they followed it up with the indie full-length debut, "Audiblenarcotic", finance their own tours, even while still attending college and then jumped on the Warped Tour; the band was subsequently forced to switch their name from Eiffel to Vaux due to legal reasons.
In the spring of 2003 the sextet issued their next album, "There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them", on Volcom Records and set-out on tour with bands such as My Chemical Romance, Coheed And Cambria, The Used, Thrice, Vendetta Red and others.
The following year the group had another stint on the Warped Tour and re-released their debut album.

In October 2005 Vaux released "Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice" on Lava Records, their new album includes the radio single "Are You With Me".


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Audiblenarcotic (2000)

1. The Set Up
2. Long Wave Radio
3. Penn. Station
4. Remedy For
5. Lullaby
6. Audiblenarcotic
7. To Write A Symphony
8. This New Art
9. Last Best Side

There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them (2003)

There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them
1. Set It To Blow
2. On Love And Cars
3. Fame
4. Switched On
5. At Your Will
6. Ride Out Bitch
7. Broke The Brakes
8. Paint It Red
9. Four Cornered Lives
10. Do It For Sixty
11. Shot In The Back

Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice (2005)

Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice
1. Identity Theft
2. Are You With Me
3. Cocaine James
4. Need To Get By
5. A Simple Man
6. The Last Report From...
7. Never Better
8. The Rope, The Pistol, The Candlestick
9. Don't Wait
10. Burn The Bandwagon
11. To The Nines
12. Van Fong
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