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Velvet Revolver

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Velvet Revolver

Velvet Revolver photo 2007
from left: Matt Sorum, Scott Weiland, Slash, Dave Kushner and Duff McKagan

Velvet Revolver Biography

This Alternative-Rock project began life in 2002 in Los Angeles, California USA, when former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland teamed up with Guns N' Roses members, guitarist Slash, bassist Duff McKagan and drummer Matt Sorum plus guitarist Dave Kushner who rounded out the line-up.

Early in its evolution, the group released the song "Set Me Free" on 2003's "Hulk" soundtrack, the single peaked at #17 on The Mainstream Rock chart.
The band's debut full-length disc, "Contraband", was released in May 2004, this multi-platinum selling CD shot to #1 on both the U.S. and Canadian Albums charts while the single "Slither", rose to #1 on both Billboard's Modern and Mainstream Rock charts; it was also awarded a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. "Fall To Pieces" became their second Active Rock chart-topper and hit the #2 spot on The Modern Rock Tracks; the final single, "Dirty Little Thing", became another fast-rising Mainstream Rock top 10 hit.

In July 2005, a new Velvet Revolver song, "Come On, Come In", was featured on the "Fantastic Four" soundtrack; the song peaked at #14 on The Mainstream Rock chart.

"Libertad", Velvet Revolver's second album which was released in July 2007, is a bold move forward from their blistering debut disc. While keeping their feet solidly on the foundation of searing Hard-Rock, this album broadened the band's sound to new levels of creativity. The first single, "She Builds Quick Machines", set the tone with its menacing aggression and eventually rose to #2 on The Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. "Libertad" peaked at #5 on The Billboard 200 and at #2 on the Top Canadian Albums charts producing two more U.S. Hot Mainstream Rock top 40 hit singles: "The Last Fight" made it to the #16 niche and "Get Out The Door" reached #34.


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Velvet Revolver pictures:

  • Velvet Revolver band 2004 Velvet Revolver band 2004
    Group shot 2004

Contraband (2004)

1. Sucker Train Blues
2. Do It For The Kids
3. Big Machine
4. Illegal I Song
5. Spectacle
6. Fall To Pieces
7. Headspace
8. Superhuman
9. Set Me Free
10. You Got No Right
11. Slither
12. Dirty Little Thing
13. Loving The Alien

Fantastic Four The Album [soundtrack] (2005)

Fantastic Four The Album - soundtrack

- Come On, Come In

Libertad (2007)

1. Let It Roll
2. She Mine
3. Get Out The Door
4. She Builds Quick Machines
5. The Last Fight
6. Pills, Demons And Etc.
7. American Man
8. Mary Mary
9. Just Sixteen
10. Can't Get It Out Of My Head
11. For A Brother
12. Spay
13. Gravedancer
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