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Vendetta Red

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Vendetta Red

Vendetta Red photo 2003

Vendetta Red Biography

Vendetta Red formed in Seattle Washington USA, as a five-man band around 1998 by friends, vocalist Zach Davidson, guitarist + keyboardist Erik Chapman, guitarist Justin Cronk, bassist Mike Vermillion and drummer Joseph Lee Childres.

The band soon began playing a kind of Emo, Punk-Rock and toured the West Coast behind their self-financed debut EP, "6 Kisses A Blatant Reminder Of Why We Are Alive"; not long after they released an indie-album called "Blackout Analysis".

In October 2001, the quintet put out "White Knuckled Substance" on Loveless Records. A few months later, in early 2002, Vendetta Red was picked up by Epic Records who opted to repackage it. The band spent the rest of the year touring the U.K. with headline dates as well as several shows in the States with Thrice, Andrew W.K. and The Used.

The group's breakthrough album, "Between The Never And The Now", arrived in June 2003, the CD debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers list and reached #101 on the Top 200 Albums chart; the lead single, "Shatterday", became an alt-Rock radio success peaking at #16 on The Modern Rock chart.

Vendetta Red released its third album, "Sisters Of The Red Death", in August 2005. The disc, prefaced by the single "Silhouette Serenade", made it only to the #21 spot on The Top Heatseekers Albums chart.

One year later it was announced that the group would call it a day.


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White Knuckled Substance (2001)

White Knuckled Substance
1. Caught You Like A Cold
2. Suicide Party
3. Ribcage Menagerie
4. Shatterday
5. Accident Sex
6. The Long Goodbye
7. Stay Home
8. Seconds Away
9. All Cried Out
10. Forgetiquette
11. Por Vida
12. Ambulance Chaser

Between The Never And The Now (2003)

Between The Never And The Now
1. There Only Is
2. Stay Home
3. Opiate Summer
4. Seconds Away
5. Shatterday
6. Accident Sex
7. Caught You Like A Cold
8. Suicide Party
9. Lipstick Tourniquets
10. Ambulance Chaser
11. Por Vida
12. P.S. Love The Black

Sisters Of The Red Death (2005)

Sisters Of The Red Death
1. Vendetta Red Cried Rape On Their Date With Destiny
2. The Body And The Blood
3. A Dark Heart Silhouette
4. Shiver
5. In Lieu Of Dead Brides
6. Silhouette Serenade
7. The Banshee Ballet
8. The Great Castration
9. Gloria
10. Run
11. Coital Improv
12. A Joyless Euphoria
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