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Veruca Salt

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Veruca Salt

Veruca Salt photo 2006

Veruca Salt Biography

Formed in 1993 in Chicago, Illinois USA, as a Grunge Alternative-Rock outfit, guitarists+vocalists Louise Post and Nina Gordon, bassist Steve Lack and Gordon's brother drummer Jim Shapiro were the first incarnation of Veruca Salt.

Playing their first tentative gigs, that same year, the group went on to release a single, "Seether", on the indie label Minty Fresh, who subsequently issued "American Thighs", their first full-length disc. After being picked up by Geffen Records, the album was re-released and the band's debut single, "Seether", rose to #8 on The Modern Rock chart; "Number One Blind" also entered the top 20 record-airplay Modern Rock chart and helped push the album to #1 on Billboard Top Heatseekers chart and into the top 70 of The Billboard 200 with worldwide sales of about 500,000 copies; the band toured heavily in support of the album sharing stages with Live and PJ Harvey.
After the release of an EP, the long-awaited follow-up to "American Thighs" saw the light in February of 1997, but soon after the album was finished Shapiro left the band and was replaced by drummer Stacy Jones; "Eight Arms To Hold You" reached the #55 slot on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart; its first single "Volcano Girls" climbed into the top 10 on both the Billboard's Modern and Mainstream Rock charts and was followed by two more Mainstream Rock top 40 tracks: "Shutterbug" and "Straight".
In February of 1998 Shapiro sister had also decided to leave the group; Louise Post in the wake of the departure of former co-singer and co-bandleader Nina Gordon regrouped Veruca Salt as her own project; signing a new deal with Beyond Records, Post entered the studio with guitarist Stephen Fitzpatrick, bassist Suzanne Sokol and drummer Jimmy Madla to record the band's third album, "Resolver"; it was released in May 2000, but the disc didn't rise higher than #171 in U.S. and failed to produce any hits.

Veruca Salt resurfaced on CD with a 6-song EP in late 2005 and with yet another line-up featuring Louise Post, guitarist Stephen Fitzpatrick, bassist Nicole Fiorentino and drummer Kellii Scott; the fourth full-length disc, "IV" followed a year later, in September 2006, the 14-track CD included the new single "So Weird", along with a few older favorites.


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Veruca Salt pictures:

  • Veruca Salt band lineup mid 90s Veruca Salt band lineup mid 90s
    1997 line-up, LtoR: Stacy Jones, Nina Gordon, Steve Lack & Louise Post
  • Veruca Salt band 2000 Veruca Salt band 2000
    Veruca Salt 2000

American Thighs (1994)

American Thighs
1. Get Back
2. All Hail Me
3. Seether
4. Spiderman '79
5. Forsythia
6. Wolf
7. Celebrate You
8. Fly
9. Number One Blind
10. Victrola
11. Twinstar
12. 25
13. Sleeping Where I Want

Eight Arms To Hold You (1997)

Eight Arms To Hold You
1. Straight
2. Volcano Girls
3. Don't Make Me Prove It
4. Awesome
5. One Last Time
6. With David Bowie
7. Benjamin
8. Shutterbug
9. The Morning Sad
10. Sound Of The Bell
11. Loneliness Is Worse
12. Stoneface
13. Venus Man Trap
14. Earthcrosser

Resolver (2000)

1. The Same Person
2. Born Entertainer
3. Best You Can Get
4. Wet Suit
5. Yeah Man
6. Imperfectly
7. Officially Dead
8. Only You Know
9. Disconnected
10. All Dressed Up
11. Used To Know Her
12. Pretty Boys
13. Hellraiser

IV (2006)

1. So Weird
2. Centipede
3. Innocent
4. Circular Trend
5. Perfect Love
6. Closer
7. Sick As Your Secrets
8. Wake Up Dead
9. Damage Done
10. Blissful Queen
11. The Sun
12. Comes And Goes
13. Save You
14. Salt Flat Epic
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