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The Verve Biography

The Alternative-Rock Pop-Rock outfit The Verve, one of the most celebrated British bands of the '90s, was formed in 1989 in the small city of Wigan, Lancashire ENGLAND, by lead singer Richard Ashcroft, guitarist Nick McCabe, bassist Simon Jones and drummer Peter Salisbury.

The quartet started releasing three independent singles, "All In The Mind" in March of 1992 and the follow-ups "She's A Superstar" and "Gravity Grave". Subsequently they went on to support The Black Crowes, played their first dates in the U.S. and in May of 1993 issued another single, "Blue".
The next month saw the release of their debut full-length album, "A Storm In Heaven", but despite the records' overwhelmingly positive reviews they enjoyed modest success in the U.K. charts.
Two years later, The Verve, issued their second effort, "A Northern Soul" from which they released three singles: "This Is Music", "On Your Own" and "History"; the album peaked at #13 on the Official U.K. Pop chart, in the meantime Ashcroft quit, effectively breaking up the band in August that same year.
A few weeks later, the frontman re-assembled the group; Ashcroft, Jones and Salisbury decided to continue working together, along with new recruit guitarist+keyboardist Simon Tong.
In early 1997 Nick McCabe returned to the fold and the quintet released their masterpiece, "Urban Hymns" in September; the first single, "Bitter Sweet Symphony", crashed into the top 3 of the U.K. Pop chart staying around for three months and was followed by "The Drugs Don't Work" which rose to the #1 spot on the same chart. "Bitter Sweet Symphony" stormed the U.S. charts reaching #12 on The Billboard Hot 100 and #4 on The Modern Rock chart, "Lucky Man" was another Modern Rock top 20 hit and a U.K. top 10 hit as well. "Urban Hymns" entered the U.K. Albums chart at #1, hit #23 on the American Billboard Top 200 chart and became their greatest international success to date, producing one more minor hit single in the surprisingly understated ballad "Sonnet".
The next year signaled the beginning of the end for The Verve, in fact McCabe was pulled out of the group, finally the remaining members announced the group's break-up in April 1999.

Richard Ashcroft released his solo debut album a year later, in July 2000.

November 2004 saw the release of "This Is Music The Singles 92-98", which represents a landmark collection of early EP tracks, several hits from their three albums plus two unreleased songs from the "Urban Hymns" sessions.
In the fall of 2007 the four original members of The Verve announced they had reformed for a brief winter tour. Ashcroft, McCabe, Jones and Salisbury released their latest album, "Forth", in August 2008 going straight to #1 in their native England and peaking at #23 in U.S. while the first single, "Love Is Noise" debuted into the top 5 on the British Pop chart.


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