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Violent Soho

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Violent Soho

Violent Soho photo 2009

Violent Soho Biography

Violent Soho came from the the Brisbane suburb of Mansfiel, AUSTRALIA. The members of the group, Luke Boerdam on vocals + guitar, James Tidswell on guitar, Luke Henery on bass and Michael Richards on drums, began playing music together in their teens influenced by the 80s and 90s Punk-Rock and Grunge genres. The band has since then gone on its way to creating an energetic live show; from its beginnings, playing shows at outer-suburban pubs and rehearsing and recording demos in their parents' garages.

In late 2005, the quartet released locally its first EP "Pigs & TV" which received moderate success. After two years of building a loyal following, they delivered the debut full-length album, 2008's "We Don't Belong Here".
In between releases Violent Soho has also toured extensively across the globe as well as played shows with such bands as Built To Spill, The Black Keys, The Bronx, The Dead Weather, Dinosaur Jr. and others.

In the fall of 2009, the band signed a deal with Ecstatic Peace/Universal Motown, a label headed up by none other than Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. Violent Soho's first American single, "Jesus Stole My Girlfriend", hit #21 on The Hot Modern Rock chart; the track appeared on their self-titled album, which was released in March 2010.


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Violent Soho pictures:

  • Violent Soho band 2008 Violent Soho band 2008
    Group shot 2008

We Don't Belong Here (2008)

We Don't Belong Here
1. Love Is A Heavy Word
2. Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
3. Son Of Sam
4. Muscle Junkie
5. My Generation
6. Dumb Machine
7. Bombs Over Broadway
8. Birth Of The Teen-Age
9. Outsider
10. Scrape It

Violent Soho (2010)

Violent Soho
1. Here Be Dragons
2. Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
3. Son Of Sam
4. My Generation
5. Muscle Junkie
6. Outsider
7. Slippery Tongue
8. Love Is A Heavy Word
9. Bombs Over Broadway
10. Narrow Ways
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