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The Virginmarys

The Virginmarys bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

The Virginmarys

The Virginmarys photo 2013

The Virginmarys Biography

The Alternative-Rock powerhouse trio The Virginmarys was formed in Macclesfield, ENGLAND, around 2008 by singer + guitarist Ally Dickaty, bassist + vocalist Matt Rose and drummer Danny Dolan.

Having spent three years touring and playing alongside a series of self-released EPs, the band built a fan base rather quickly opening for acts as diverse as Ash, Eagles Of Death Metal and Slash.
In February 2013 The Virginmarys released their fiery full-length debut album, "King Of Conflict", which contains the Hot Modern Rock top 40 hit single "Dead Man's Shoes".


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The Virginmarys pictures:

  • The Virginmarys band 2010 The Virginmarys band 2010
    Group shot 2010

King Of Conflict (2013)

King Of Conflict
1. Dead Man's Shoes
2. Portrait Of Red
3. Just A Ride
4. Out Of Mind
5. Bang Bang Bang
6. Lost Weekend
7. Running For My Life
8. Dressed To Kill
9. My Little Girl
10. Takin' The Blame
11. You've Got Your Money, I've Got My Soul
12. Ends Don't Mend
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