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The Von Bondies

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The Von Bondies

The Von Bondies photo 2008

The Von Bondies Biography

This Alternative-Rock band emerged from the Detroit, Michigan USA, underground garage scene in 2000 when four young musicians, vocalist + guitarist Jason Stollsteimer, guitarist Marcie Bolen, bassist Carrie Smith and drummer Donny Blum, decided to make music together.

In August 2001, with a year of steady gigging behind them, The Von Bondies released their full-length debut disc, "Lack Of Communication", produced by their compatriot Jack White of The White Stripes; the band then embarked on its first European tour with The Whites.

Two years later the foursome issued "Raw And Rare", a collection of live BBC recordings as well as two tracks specially recorded for this release.

The Von Bondies' debut for Sire Records, "Pawn Shoppe Heart", was released in February 2004; the group's second studio album managed to scrape into The Billboard 200 and hit #8 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart while the lead single, "C'mon C'mon", worked its way into the top 30 of The Modern Rock chart.
Following the album's release a flurry of personnel changes ensued, with Smith replaced by bass player Yasmine Smith and then Leann Banks; two years later Bolen also left the band, Christy Hunt stepped in as the rhythm guitarist and the group eventually signed with Majordomo Records.

Featuring the single "Pale Bride", the long anticipated next album, "Love Hate And Then There's You", arrived in February 2009 to little fanfare and before the guys called it a day in summer 2011.


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The Von Bondies pictures:

  • The Von Bondies band lineup 2004 The Von Bondies band lineup 2004
    The band line-up 2004

Lack Of Communication (2001)

Lack Of Communication
1. Lack Of Communication
2. It Came From Japan
3. Shallow Grave
4. Going Down
5. Cass And Henry
6. Nite Train
7. No Sugar Mama
8. Cryin'
9. In The Act
10. Please Please Man
11. Sound Of Terror

Raw And Rare (2003)

Raw And Rare
1. Lack Of Communication
2. Nite Train
3. Sound Of Terror
4. Going Down
5. It Came From Japan
6. My Baby's Cryin'
7. Cryin'
8. R & R Nurse
9. Please Please Man
10. Vacant As A Ghost
11. Save My Life
12. Cryin'
13. Take A Heart
15. It Came From Japan

Pawn Shoppe Heart (2004)

Pawn Shoppe Heart
1. No Regrets
2. Broken Man
3. C'mon C'mon
4. Tell Me What You See
5. Been Swank
6. Mairead
7. Not That Social
8. Crawl Through The Darkness
9. The Fever
10. Right Of Way
11. Poison Ivy
12. Pawn Shoppe Heart

Love Hate And Then There's You (2009)

Love Hate And Then There's You
1. This Is Our Perfect Crime
2. Shut Your Mouth
3. Pale Bride
4. Only To Haunt You
5. 21st Birthday
6. She's Dead To Me
7. Chancer
8. Blame Game
9. I Don't Wanna
10. Accidents Will Happen
11. Earthquake
12. Modern Saints
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