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Wakefield bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Wakefield band

Wakefield band photo 2004

Wakefield Biography

Combining Punk-Pop and alt-Rock this Mechanicsville, Maryland USA-based outfit formed in 2001 by singer + guitarist Ryan Escolopio, his older brother Aaron the former drummer of Good Charlotte, bassist and cousin Mike Schoolden and guitarist J.D. Tennyson.

Two years later Wakefield signed to Arista Records who released in May 2003 the band's debut album, "American Made". The quartet supported the record by touring with groups such as Riddlin Kids, Zebrahead and many others.

In mid-2005, Wakefield unleashed its second full-length CD, "Which Side Are You On?", through the now-defunct New York City label Jive Record. It included the minor hit single "C'mon Baby".


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