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Wayne Static

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Wayne Static

Wayne Static photo 2011

Wayne Static Biography

Wayne Static was born on November 4, 1965, in Muskegon, Michigan USA, as Wayne Richard Wells. Best known as the guitarist + keyboardist & lead vocalist of the Industrial-Metal band Static-X who first burst onto the extreme-music scene in 1999 with the platinum-certified Warner Bros. debut "Wisconsin Death Trip".

The first solo album from Wayne Static, "Pighammer", was released in October 2011 via Dirthouse Records; it reached #97 on The Billboard 200. The lead single, "Assassins Of Youth", was inspired by Wayne's last days of drugs and partying.


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    Wayne Static 2001

Pighammer (2011)

1. Pighammer
2. Around The Turn
3.Assassins Of Youth
4. Thunder Invader
5. Static Killer
6. She
7. Get It Together
8. Chrome Nation
9. Shifter
10. Slave
11. The Creatures Are Everywhere
12. Behind The Sky
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