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Ween photo 2007

Ween Biography

This comedy Alternative-Rock act was formed in New Hope, Pennsylvania USA, in 1984, when two young guys Mickey Melchiondo and Aaron Freeman, -- AKA Dean and Gene Ween -- began writing and playing dementia songs.

Their first album, "God Ween Satan", was released independently in 1990 followed a year later by "The Pod". The irreverent parodies of the monster of rock won them a deal with Elektra Records, in 1992 Ween released "Pure Guava" which generated the Modern Rock hit "Push Th' Little Daisies", this single became a top 10 hit in Australia. Two years later appeared "Chocolate & Cheese", it included another Modern Rock hit single, "Voodoo Lady". In was followed by 1996's "12 Golden Country Greats" and one year later "The Mollusk", which broke into The Billboard 200 chart. After almost three years the duo resurfaced with "White Pepper" which peaked at #121 on the U.S. Top 200 chart. In late summer of 2003, Ween issued "Quebec", the record reached the #81 spot on The Billboard Top 200, their best chart-placing to date. "La Cucaracha" followed in 2007.


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Ween pictures:

  • Ween 1997 Ween 1997
    Dean and Gene Ween - "The Mollusk" era