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White Lies Biography

The Alternative-Rock act White Lies was formed in 2005 by bassist Charles Cave and drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown; both of these fine young chaps came from Pitshanger Village in North Ealing, London ENGLAND. They played together for the first time in a school talent show. Two years down the road, singer + guitarist Harry McVeigh joined up and they began playing local weekend gigs under the name Fear Of Flying.
In 2006, Fear Of Flying released two double sided singles and one year later they opted to change the name to White Lies.

The next almost two years were an absolute blur of live shows, television appearances and marathon practice sessions. Numerous festivals were the order of the day and culminated in White Lies first ever tour as a headliner to 13 U.K.venues throughout 2008. The trio's brooding songs earned them plenty of praise even before their debut album was completed.
"To Lose My Life..." was released in the U.K. in January 2009 and made White Lies the first British band to score a #1 album in 2009; the band also had a couple of U.K. top 40 hits with "To Lose My Life" and "Farewell To The Fairground". March 2009 saw the album's release in the U.S. where it managed to penetrate the bottom of The Billboard 200 chart.

Ahead of their second album White Lies released the lead single "Bigger Than Us" which debuted just outside the British Top 40 chart, at #42. The full-length record, titled "Ritual", came out in January 2011 and like its predecessor teems with dark distorted anthems for the modern age; it peaked at #3 in U.K. and reached #95 on the American Billboard Top 200 Albums list.

White Lies issued its third effort, "Big TV ", in August 2013.


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