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Wild Cub

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Wild Cub

Wild Cub band photo 2013

Wild Cub Biography

Formed in Nashville, Tennessee USA, in early 2012 by singer + guitarist & songwriter Keegan DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock, the indie Electro-Pop outfit soon expanded to a five-piece with the addition of Eric Wilson on keys + synths, Harry West on bass and Dabney Morris on drums.

The group's debut album, "Youth", was initially released digitally in early 2013; the single "Thunder Clatter", sparked renewed interest in the band when it appeared in the U.K. top 100 chart. "Youth" saw a wide release through Mom+Pop record label in January 2014 and "Thunder Clatter" flew into the U.S. Alternative Songs top 40 list.


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Youth (2014)

1. Shapeless
2. Colour
3. Thunder Clatter
4. Straight No Turns
5. Wishing Well
6. The Water
7. Drive
8. Hidden In The Night
9. Jonti
10. Wild Light
11. Summer Fires / Hidden Spells
12. Streetlights
13. Windows
14. Blacktide
15. Lies
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