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William Tell

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William Tell

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William Tell Biography

Growing up in Orange County, California USA, guitarist+singer & songwriter William Tell was born into a gospel music family and learned to play guitar from his father. He attended college for music business while playing guitar and writing his own songs between classes and parties; Tell quickly left school behind to pursue his dream full time. Playing in numerous coffee shops and clubs throughout L.A. and Orange County he soon met and began playing with other local Southern California musicians who were also chasing the same dream. He joined them in the band that would become popular alt-Rock Emo group Something Corporate.

In March 2007, William Tell released his solo debut, "You Can Hold Me Down" on New Door label; recorded over nine months, the album fulfills Tell's lifelong dream and represents the start of a new chapter in his life; "Fairfax (You're Still The Same)" was the first single lifted off the full-length CD.


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You Can Hold Me Down (2007)

You Can Hold Me Down
1. Jeannie
2. Slipping Under (Sing Along To Your Favorite Song)
3. Maybe Tonight
4. Fairfax (You're Still The Same)
5. Like You, Only Sweeter
6. Trouble
7. Young At Heart
8. Sounds
9. Just For You
10. You Can Hold Me Down
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