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Wolfmother bio, timeline, discography, pics & more


Wolfmother band 2014
from left: Ian Peres, Andrew Stockdale and Vin Steele

Wolfmother Biography

Sydney, AUSATRALIA's Wolfmother started out as an old-school Hard-Rock band featuring vocalist + guitarist Andrew Stockdale, bassist + keyboardist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett. After years of jamming in anonymity they finally stepped out in public in early 2004.

Later that year the trio released an independent EP that caused ink to be spilled and fans to be won; then after six months of non-stop Australian and overseas touring, Stockdale, Ross and Heskett decamped to Los Angeles in May 2005 and rented an abandoned Hollywood recording studio called Cherokee for their rehearsal space.
Signed by Modular Records, Wolfmother delivered their eponymous debut full-length disc in January 2006, all 4 tracks from their first EP are re-recorded here. The album was a surprise critical and commercial success, it climbed into the top 3 of the Australian ARIA chart, hit the top 20 in several European countries and peaked at #22 on the American Billboard's Top 200 chart. The lead single, "Woman", crawled up to #7 on The Hot Mainstream Rock chart, squeaked into the top 10 of The Hot Modern Rock Tracks and won the award for Best Hard Rock Performance at the 49th Grammy Awards; in addition "Woman" hit the top 40 in Australia and Great Britain. The album spun off two more U.S. Active Rock radio top 30 hits, "White Unicorn" and "Joker And The Thief" and the band's second U.K. top 50 entrant, "Dimension".

Swapping out his rhythm section, Stockdale, bringing guitarist Aidan Nemeth, bassist + keyboardist Ian Peres and drummer Dave Atkins, created Wolfmother's second set of aggressive and classic sound laced with crunching guitars, muscular rhythms and soaring vocals. The album, entitled "Cosmic Egg", was released in October 2009 going straight to #3 on the Australian ARIA chart and to #16 on The Billboard 200. It included the single "New Moon Rising", which reached the #38 position on The Alternative Songs chart and the minor hit "White Feather".

In mid-2011, Andrew Stockdale released an album called "Keep Moving" under his own name. Stockdale reconvened the band barely a month after this album dropped and promptly got back to work on a proper Wolfmother release.

The outfit's third album, titled "New Crown", arrived online in March 2014 with no marketing. The band's new line-up featured Stockdale, Peres and new drummer Vin Steele.


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Wolfmother pictures:

  • Wolfmother band lineup 2006 Wolfmother band lineup 2006
    The band line-up 2006
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    Wolfmother 2009